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Zuela Project

Zuela is a pro – democracy and social networking smartphone application (app) focused on political engagement and good Governance developed by Friends of Angola in 2017. The purpose of this project is to promote constructive collaboration among civil society groups, individuals, organizations and business, and government agencies and institution, through an interactive platform. This platform utilizes tools that helps individuals, governments, and organizations share political developments or stay informed on the latest developments.

The application tackles six main subjects; Elections, Politics, Corruption, Violence, gender and Human Rights, and are designed to provide guidance for the user in terms of the kinds of issues they can post updates on.

Here is what individuals can do:

  • Denounce corruption and human rights abuses anywhere around the world
  • Zuela offer security, privacy, and anonymity to its users
  • Zuela is available in multiple languages (e.g., English, Chinese, Russian, Arabic, Spanish, French and Portuguese.
  • Users can upload audios, videos, pictures and documents.
  • Users can start a poll about a specific topic.
  • Users can comment, like and share posts.
  • Users can search the posts with tags or keywords.
  • Users can sort by different categories to search on, find or make analysis of different issues with respect to countries, date, people response etc.
  • User can make their profile and so other people can discover them and connect with them to socialize for different issues.
  • Users can post any instant issue for any category from their mobiles. And that is actually through SMS. This can be done with minimum cost.
  • Users can response back to any organization or Zuela administration itself. Organizations can contact them to help for their related issues and users can take benefits of them.
  • Users can participate in a cause started by organizations and can sign up to become volunteers.
  • Users can donate in a project started by any organization.
  • Users can view updates about the projects they have donated in about the progress and news of the project.
  • Users can connect to other users and organizations via messages.
  • Users can comment on issues to posted by other users or organizations.

Organizations can do on Zuela:

  • Organizations can contact to their relevant post issuer and ask them about details.
  • Organizations can announce important news and can aware individuals about warnings, news etc.
  • Organizations can contact with other organizations to work with them to achieve same goals.
  • Organizations have access to issue posted by other individuals.
  • Organizations can contact the individuals who have posted the issue.
  • Organizations can also comment on the issues posted by individuals.
  • Organizations can start a project and ask for donations from the organizations and users.
  • Organizations can update all the users who have donated in the project started by them.
  • Organizations can receive donation for the projects they have started.
  • Organizations can start a cause and ask for volunteers to participate in them.
  • Organizations have access to contact information of the individuals who register to volunteer in their cause.

Zuela Major Updates

  • Live call session between same or different kind of users.
  • Advertisement panel for people to promote or market their products.
  • Introducing Payment method: For example; for Ad panel people have to pay. Similarly, any user like volunteers can raise funds for organizations and can receive payments.
  • Notification system for any kind of alert.
  • Public features: in need of assistance / disasters
  • Category dedicated to Natural Disasters and Emergencies. This is for issues when there is a hurricane, flooding etc.

Additionally, Individuals will be able to:

  • Update, Set, Change profile Settings
  • Set what kind of notifications they want to see.
  • Update, Delete Issues posted by them.
  • Contact with the organizations.
  • Sign up to receive alerts about subjects posted by individuals or organizations.

Additionally, Organizations will be able to:

  • Update project details
  • Set and Receive donations for the projects they have started.
  • Start causes to have volunteers participating in those causes.
  • Access to the contact information of the volunteers who have registered to participate in the projects.
  • Run report on all the subjects: Elections, Politics, Corruption, Violence, gender and Human Rights
  • Subscribe to receive alerts on topics/ subjects posted by individuals or organizations.

For more visit: the application, which is available on Google Play and iTunes.