Friends of Angola

Three activists held at the headquarters of the municipality of Kalandula, Malange province, were sentenced last Friday, 11/01, to 15 days in prison and ordered to pay a fine of 20,000 kwanzas each, by the Municipal Court of Cacuso.

By Radio Angola

A number of young people – Hermenegildo Jesus, Teixeira Moses and Felix de Jesus – were recently detained for attempting to participate in a peaceful street demonstration organized by a student movement group known as “No Tuitions,” to protest the intention of the Angolan government to charge tuition fees at public universities. Initially, the prosecutor had charged them with unlawful assembly and showing contempt to authorities, with family members challenging all the allegations and also the final ruling of the case.

When this story first broke, Friends of Angola condemned the police action, as it followed the unfortunate recent pattern of police brutality against citizens who are exercising a constitutionally enshrined right, which according to many organizations defending human rights, “puts the Angolan authorities in a negative position regarding the protection of human rights in Angola.”

Friends of Angola recalls that Angola is a member of the United Nations, African Union and other international institutions, and has as such added articles and responsibilities to respect everyone’s human rights.

Activists who have been involved in peaceful protests recently underscore what has been increasing repressive actions shown by the police in preventing demonstrations.