Friends of Angola

Friends of Angola behold with feelings of profound consternation the use of excessive force by Angolan police to curb an incipient protest movement promoted by youth group.

We feel our hearts stricken with deep sorrow, when we see law enforcement agents repeatedly using intimidation and excessive force to disperse peaceful youth protests in Luanda, repeatedly detaining protesters, etc.

On October 11th, while holding a rally to protest Angola’s new immigration law, police arbitrarily arrested more than 20 peaceful protesters and youth protest organizer, Adolfo Campos. He was later released after being treated inhumanly by police officers.

The following youth protesters are still under police custody:

– Carlos Filipe “Sufixo”
-Roberto Gamba “Pastor”
-Valdemar Aguinaldo “Kid”
-Pedro Gonçalves “Steven”
-José Delfim “Sargento”

According to Angolan laws, public demonstrations are explicitly allowed without government permission, which means this particular demonstration fulfilled all legal requirements.

Therefore, Friends of Angola call for the government to refrain from curbing its citizens to exercise their right to freedom of assembly; call for the immediate, unconditional release of those detained human rights defenders.

Florindo Chivucute
Executive Director
P.O. Box 21602
Washington, 20009