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August 20, 2018.

Press Release

Friends of Angola became aware of the arrest and the consequent harassment, using coercive measures, against Mr. Joaquim da Costa Zangui also known as “Lutambi”, the National Secretary for Youth of the Democratic Bloc in Angola.

Following the arrest, he was denied the right to basic information about his arrest and also where he was even going to be held. This made it difficult for him to inform his family about his detention, inform his lawyer, and even consult counsel before giving a statement to the police.

In more subsequent acts of violation of the Constitution of Angola, the Kwanza North police issued a statement in which they claimed to know the allegedly crimes that was committed by Mr. Lutambi. It should be pointed out though that this decision is up to the prosecutor and not the police. Such actions bring into question the lack of credible, transparency and accountability that mar the work of many Angolan institutions, especially the police under the Interior Ministry.

Since the national police arrested Mr. Joaquim da Costa Zangui “Lutambi” without a warrant issued by a Magistrate of the Public Ministry, this modus operand and detention, kidnapping and false imprisonment must concern Angolans and all the democratic nations around the world.

Finally, if this move was as a result of a human error, we hope that the Angola government will conduct a full investigation and hold everyone involved accountable on this unlawful activity.


Florindo Chivucute
Executive Director
Friends of Angola